Patenting is a recent phenomenon
Only R&D Institutions/ Industries can file Patents.
Publishing is important than Patenting.
One can get a Patent for an idea.
Patent granted in one Country is automatically enforceable in other Countries.
Age a bar to get a Patent.
Only complex inventions are patentable.


Once published novelty is lost. File first, and then send paper for publication.
There is no ‘International Patent’ or ‘World Patent’. Patent rights are essentially territorial in nature and are protected only in a Country which has granted these rights.
To facilitate establishment of Patent on an Invention in multiple Countries within a short time, the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) was established under the auspices of WIPO. India is a Party to PCT.

PCT does not provide Patent, but only a platform for the filing of a Single International (Patent) application.


• Maintain records of your research work.

• Do not publish your invention before filing Patent application. Even an oral description may cause your Invention lose its novelty

• File Patent application as early as possible. You may even file application with provisional specification

• Conduct Patent search before filing Patent application to judge the patentability of your invention and ascertain where to file a Patent

• Pay renewal fee regularly to keep your Patent alive. Ensure maximum commercial exploitation of the right within the tenure of Patents