First Indian Patent:

An efficient “Punkha Pulling Machine” to George DePenning in 1856.

First US Patent:

“Pot and pearl ashes” – a cleaning formula used in soap making to Samuel Hopkins in 1790.

First UK Patent:

First UK Patent was granted to John Kempe for “Weaving” in 1311.

Youngest Patent Holder:

The youngest person to be granted Patent is a 4 year old girl from Houston, Texas, for an “aid for grasping round knobs”.

Patent was granted to a six year old boy (Robert Patch) for “toy truck”.

Patent for Safety pin was granted to Walter Hunt in 1849.

Patent for needle of sewing machine granted in 1854.

Patent for Telephone was granted to Alexander Graham Bell in 1870.

Two Patents were granted to a School Teacher (Gurmeet Singh) from Punjab for inventing a “teaching aid on mathematics” in 2006.